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威世Vishay P6SMB110AHE3/52 PhMKP400.3.20,00-84

时间:2022-3-8 分享到:

P6SMB110AHE3/52 2H 2018 Scrap IA | SB
P6SMB110AHE3/52 2H 2020 Scrap IA | SB
P6SMB220AHE3/52 2H 2018 Scrap IA | SM
S2GHE3_A/H 2H 2020 Scrap IA | SM
S3GHE3_A/H 2H 2020 Scrap IA | SM
SMBJ5.0AHE3/52 Writh Off 2020 IA | WB
SMBZ5929B-E3/52 2H 2020 Scrap IA | SM
SQD97N06-6M3L_GE3 2H 2020 Scrap IA | SM
SS16HE3_A/H 2H 2020 Scrap IA | SM
SS3P4HM3/84A 1H 2019 Scrap IA | SM

PhMKP400.3.20,00-84 5341-44407-xx
PhMKP400.3.25,00-84 5341-44408-xx
PhMKP440.3.12,50-84 5341-44409-xx
PhMKP440.3.14,10-84 5341-44410-xx
PhMKP440.3.15,00-84 5341-44411-xx
PhMKP440.3.16,90-84 5341-44412-xx

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