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Cornell Dubilier – CDE 薄膜电容器 AXIAL FILM

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Cornell Dubilier – CDE 薄膜电容器 AXIAL FILM
电容量范围电容容差额定电压0.022至10.0 μF ± 20% ,± 10% ,± 5% 100至630Vdc
(70VRMS 至275VRMS,60至400Hz)-55 oC 至85 oC 工作温度范围电压降低 ESRAt + 105 oC,
+ 85 oC 额定值20kHz 至100kHz 的50% 绝缘电阻0.1% 最大值-在1000Hz
Cornell Dubilier:
730P104X9400 730P106X9250 730P474X9100 730P105X9400 730P474X9250 730P205X9250 730P105X9250
730P105X9630 730P104X9250 730P224X9400 730P505X9250 730P394X9400 730P224X9250 730P205X9400
730P334X9400 730P185X9250 730P224X9100 730P474X5100 730P334X9100 730P223X9630 730P105X9100
730P474X9400 730P684X9630

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